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Welcome to Lynette Kirkham Piano Studio!
Thank you for your interest and taking the time to visit. On this page I will endeavor to give you an insight into how I teach, and in fact why I choose to teach and hopefully you will gain a sense of why my piano studio may be the right fit for you.

♪      My name is Lynette Kirkham and I have been teaching in Sorrento for around twelve years now. I have another ten years experience to offer, having been teaching piano in Melbourne before as a young family we decided to move to WA. We have settled into Perth lifestyle and can not imagine living anywhere else.

♪      Apart from the many years of experience I bring to my teaching I am also well qualified gaining my LTCL (Licentiate Trinity College of London) teaching qualification which I admit I hold with great pride – it was not easy to get! I explored the Suzuki approach to teaching music and I am a qualified Level 2 Suzuki teacher. I find I incorporate many aspects of that approach into my teaching today.

♪      I also love singing and passed exams through the ABRSM (Royal School of Music) up to Grade 7. Although I don’t teach singing as such, I actively encourage it in my studio. Singing is something we all inherently do whether it be actual singing or just humming along to a tune. It helps with building on that innate sense of rhythm we naturally have and is great for developing the ear.

♪      The one thing that I struggled with when learning piano was the strict, traditional approach to lessons. No pop music, no gorgeous movies themes, no composition or improvisation, which in my opinion is a large chunk of an all-round musical education to be missing out on. I try to work to each student’s likes and interests whilst providing a well rounded approach to piano and the many genres of music. 

                    IN A NUTSHELL - VERY DIFFERENTLY!

Your child will enjoy: 

♪ Learning to play all genres of music. The classics have such depth, beauty and emotion BUT not everyone is into the classics! Let’s explore contemporary piano music, blues and those beautiful games and movies themes that we now have access to.

♪ Playing with confidence, creativity and flare - all with great technique as well!

♪ Have fun letting their imaginations run wild with ‘story telling’ on the keyboard, improvising and even composing from the very start!

♪ Playing their favourite pop songs using lead sheets and chords. There is great freedom and fun exploring this style of piano.

♪ Learning for the sheer joy of playing piano OR equally motivating for some students is the preparation and excitement of competitions and exams.

♪ We all have different drivers, the thing or things that motivate us and your child is no different. Some kids ‘just want to play!’ and others are more goal oriented and passing grades through exams, is their motivator. I have a proven track record with students achieving great exam results through the AMEB. 

♪      I can teach kids to play all types of music with creativity, with personality and with fantastic technique BUT my main reason for teaching is:


♪      I am acutely aware that I have an influence upon every student who attends my studio and that influence needs to be positive, nurturing and caring. This is more than a piano education, it is about your child’s development and overall self confidence.

♪      This ‘job’ that I do is a privilege and I aim to provide an environment where learning and self expression can take place without fear of judgement. Where my students are encouraged to move out of their comfort zones, to just ‘have a go’. To understand that the best learning takes place as a result of mistakes! To have fun and to find sitting down at the piano a way to find emotional release.

To create such a love of music that it remains with them for life.

That, is why I teach piano and that I believe, is what makes my studio unique. 



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